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Thank you!

Thank you for making our 2015 Women’s Day such a wonderful success! Your presence, smiles, laughter, and love made all of the work worth it!

Want to get a handout for a class you weren’t able to attend? Handouts are available by clicking the “download handout” link beneath each class description.

You can also download the “I am more” poem here.

This video features the song, I am His Daughter by Nicole Sheahan from the album EFY 2010: Especially for Youth (Courage to Stand Strong).

The prelude provided by Autumn Bolton at Women’s Day was the song “More” by Kurt Bestor & Hilary Weeks from Emily Freeman’s music program, The Ten Virgins.

Notes from Stake President Matthew Harding’s remarks:

  • If you have a question or have a struggle with a trial of faith (e.g., regarding roles of men and women or women being ordained to the Priesthood), go to Heavenly Father and ask Him.  He wants to teach you.  In doing so we must pay the price to receive personal revelation and clarity by praying, pondering, studying, and writing down our learnings and promptings on the subject.  Start your study with the Family Proclamation and stay with other good sources of truth from the Church.
  • Satan is working hard to confuse the sisters of the world.  Satan is teaching sisters to focus on what they do not have as opposed to what they have.
  • Heavenly Father loves His daughters as much as His sons.  His plan of happiness is a plan whereby His daughters will be every bit as happy and fulfilled as His sons.
  • We should strive to be Christlike.  We are constantly changing every day. We are not in an unchanging state.  We have daily choices between light and dark.   Each trial and difficulty we face is giving us the opportunity to choose to become more like Christ by choosing to develop a Christlike attribute associated with the trial.